Pegasso was born from the vision of the Herradura de Plata company who had the conviction of renewing the Satélite bus brand to provide a better transportation service to passengers in the region. The satellite company was responsible for touring the sections and towns surrounding Morelia - Pátzcuaro and Acámbaro - Maravatío during the 90's; but it was in 1994 when the community was presented under the Pegasso brand and beginning operations with the Plus service.

In view of the growing demand for the service and the large number of passengers, in 2001 Herradura de Plata decided to give a turn to the service class and, after a great effort and collaboration becomes an economic passenger transport service, the cost of their rates decreases and includes continuous stops with the objective of satisfying the particular needs of the inhabitants.

With this new definition of service, in 2007 new destinations are also born: Mexico City, San Felipe del Progreso and Querétaro. Subsequently, in 2009 Herradura de Plata formed an alliance with Grupo Herradura de Occidente, envisaging a restructuring of the routes for the Pegasso brand, which would result in the definitive establishment of its current 5 sections.

With this evolution added To our experience in transportation, Pegasso has positioned itself as a novel bus line for passenger land transport that combines comfort, reliability in the service and safety for passengers on a wide range of routes. Travel with Pegasso and feel the difference.

ubicacionPegasso destinations and coverage

  • Acámbaro
  • Acambay
  • Aculco
  • Amealco
  • Atlacomulco
  • Bco. Obrero
  • Cd. Azteca
  • Dolores
  • El Oro
  • Ixtlahuaca
  • Jerécuaro
  • Jilotepec
  • Maravatío
  • México Norte
  • México Poniente
  • Morelia
  • Querétaro
  • San Juan del Río
  • Sn. Felipe Gto.
  • San Miguel de Allende
  • Temascalcingo
  • Tepotzotlán
  • Tlalpujahua
  • Toluca
  • Zinapécuaro

Pegasso bus services


    Semi-direct service, lower prices, some have LCD screens and toilets.

  • asientos 49 Seats
  • guarda-equipaje Luggage

    Semi-direct service, lower prices, some have LCD screens and toilets.

  • asientos-reclinables 46 reclining seats
  • pantallas-individuales 3 LCD screens /1 frontal
  • aire-acondicionado Conditioner air
  • guarda-equipaje Luggage storage
  • sanitario Toilets
  • luz-individual Individual readingf light

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