Baggage and services policy

autobus Documentation of luggage on the bus

Baggage documentation can be made up to half an hour before your departure.
Each passenger can carry up to 25 kg. Baggage free of charge (except cargo). Understand luggage: personal items, clothing, musical instruments, wheelchairs, bicycles, strollers, toys, tools of an art or trade, which must be transported in suitcases, bags, boxes, etc. Only carry on hand luggage such as: laptops, small bags, backpacks and any item that does not exceed the size of the bus drawer.
For the transportation of pets, these should go in cages and preferably sedated; which will travel in the luggage trunk of the bus.
It is forbidden to transport exotic or endangered animals (birds, mammals, reptiles and fish), if they do so, they must present the official documents issued by SEMARNAT, which certifies them for that purpose.
It is prohibited to transport in checked and hand luggage the following: tickets or national and foreign lottery announcements; hazardous, psychotropic and narcotic materials and waste, unless their possession or transfer is lawful in accordance with the applicable legal provisions; firearms and explosives; animals or perishable, when the conditions of proper hygiene and safety are not met, in accordance with the applicable regulations; money or bearer or negotiable credit instruments; any other good whose transit requires specific permission or is restricted by any particular law, without having said specific permission, any other good that the specific laws of the matter prohibit, as well as; any other item, material or thing that puts the passengers and their luggage at risk.

avion Luggage documentation on the plane

The Viaja+ package of VivaAerobus allows:
Hand luggage of maximum 10 kgs with maximum dimensions of 55 x 40 x 20 cm including casters. Within the carry-on luggage, any bag, small backpack, diaper bag or small laptop briefcase will be taken into account as a personal item. It is necessary to declare your hand luggage at the documentation desk where airline personnel will place a badge on your baggage, in case of not presenting it, it may be a reason not to allow boarding.
Documented suitcase of maximum 25 kgs with maximum dimensions of 70 x 38 x 50 cm including casters