Transportes Amealcenses S.A de C.V is a company created to meet the mobility needs of the residents of the communities of Queretaro, San Juan del Rio and Amealco, communities that are part of the Bajio region; the latter, close to becoming a Magical Town.

We started operations in the region in the 1930s, consolidating as Transportes Amealcenses S.A. of C.V. At the beginning of our operation, we only had three units that were dragged by mules and inside there were wooden benches for passengers. At that time, we had little chance of offering a comfortable and safe trip; but with our trajectory, experience and effort we have become a company that currently serves its users satisfactorily and enhances the commercial development of this city.

Our main mission is to provide support to promote the development of the inhabitants and the population in general, facilitating a comfortable and reliable transportation service, with which we constitute ourselves as a motor transport service that has the highest quality and safety in the region and in addition, it provides each of its customers with punctuality, comfort and a high level of service to make your trips a satisfying experience.

ubicacionAmealcenses destinations and coverage

  • San Juan del Rio directo
  • San Juan del Rio via Pedro Escobedo
  • Amealco
    San Juan del Río
  • Queretaro Directo
  • Queretaro via Pedro Escobedo
  • Amealco via Santa Lucia
  • Amealco via Galindo
  • San Ildefonso
  • San Juan del Rio via Galindo
  • San Juan del Rio via Santa Lucía
  • Queretaro
  • Huimilpan

Amealcenses bus services


    We offer the best level of Direct Service to reach your destination quickly, punctually, comfortably and safely

  • autobus Volvo 9700
  • reclining-seats 48 Reclining seats
  • toilets Toileta
  • baggage Baggage
  • luggage Lugagge
  • air-conditioner Air conditioner
  • moderated-speed Moderated speed controlada
  • gps GPS
  • film-proyection Film proyection

    Our Ordinary Service is a possibility of fast, convenient and economical transportation, available to all our users.

  • reclining-seats Reclining seats
  • baggage Baggage
  • luggage Luggage
  • illuminated-corridors Illuminated corridors
  • gps GPS
  • moderated-speed Moderated Speed

    We offer the best level of Direct Service to get you to your destination quickly, punctually, comfortably and safely.

  • reclining-seats Reclining seats
  • baggageBaggage
  • luggage Lugagge
  • stereo-sound Stereo sound
  • air-conditioner Air conditioner
  • gps MGPS
  • moderated-speed Moderated speed
  • film-proyection Film proyection

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