Autobuses Alegra is an ordinary passenger transport service positioned as one of the companies with the highest quality in the industry, thanks to the commitment of its employees and the service vocation with which they have been trained in view of their extensive experience in the market.

The main objective of Autobuses Alegra is to satisfy the transportation needs of our customers in the region where we operate, ensuring a high level of service and trust in addition to the ethical principles and values that define us: service vocation, honesty and security, parameter that governs us as a customer service company. Our experience in the market has made Buses Alegra one of the best options for travel by having an economic passenger transport service.

We are a 100% Mexican company and operate with a large fleet composed of renovated Busscar units that offer an excellent semi-direct service that has the mission to meet the demand of passengers from the communities of the Central-West region of the country. Go ahead and travel with Autobuses Alegra and be part of the thousands of passengers we transport per year.


ubicacion Alegra destinations and coverage

  • Cd. Hidalgo
  • México Poniente
  • Morelia
  • Toluca
  • Zitacuaro

Alegra buses services



    Semidirect services, lower prices, some of those counts with LCD screens and toilet.

  • asientos 45 Seats
  • guardaequipaje Bagagge

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