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Viaja+ is designed for you, that you like to buy, save and enjoy when traveling. Buy your bus or plane tickets from our website or app, just decide which of our 12 lines you want to travel to and then choose which of our more than 200 destinations to explore by land or air. In addition, Viaja+ has a wide range of travel packages that include bus and hotel, as well as a Benefits Program that rewards you with Cash for each trip you make.

Go ahead and have the best travel experience today, use our destination search engine and start booking.

Join the Viaja+ Benefits Program

Viaja+, in addition to offering you the purchase of bus and plane tickets, connections between brands within reach of all pockets and Travel Packages, it has a Benefits Program that rewards you with Efectiviajes (before points) that can be accumulated and exchanged for each purchase of tickets you do as Viaja+ Plan partner according to the level you are at: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The more purchases you make, the more you accumulate in your Viaja+ membership, which you can redeem to save while you travel. Being part of the Viaja+ Plan is very simple, you just have to register, buy your bus or plane tickets and in automatic, you start to accumulate.

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Viaja+ Packages

Go on holiday at the best price with our Viaja+ Packages, your reservations include round transportation in buses and hotel, you will discover that the cost is unmatched. Stay in hotels from 2 to 5 stars for all tastes and tailored to your pocket; All our prices include taxes (IVA) and you can pay to months without interest with participating credit cards; In addition, for the bus trip you also accumulate Efectiviajes (before points) when buying your packages as a viaja+ partner.

Enjoy all the benefits of traveling with Viaja+ Packages!